Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lately in the news there have been a lot of acts of violent crime. Some of this is because of where I live. Unless you have been living in a bubble, you have probably also heard about the shooting in Tucson. I wonder what goes through someone's head as they are about to kill people. How do you justify it or tell yourself it is ok to take someone's life?

I work with someone who recently lost his sister and her 2 kids. The husband/father killed his family. I do not understand how someone can take the life away from something he created. How do you look your children in the eye and suffocate them with a pillow? How do you stab your wife to death? I imagine there were maritial problems or financial problems. Everyone has problems and I do not know how you can think murdering your family is the solution. It sickens me that people are that mentally unstable and believe taking a life is the only solution.

The gunman in Tucson lashed out at the world...people he did not know personally. This makes more sense to me than the husband who murdered his family. Don't get me wrong, both crimes are equally unforgiveable. It is just that I expect there to be crime in this world. I am not as shocked about hearing a gunmen attempt to murder a political figure as I am about a father suffocating his children.

My heart goes out to those who lose loved ones to any crime. It is harder to accept death of a loved one when you are not expecting it.

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